could someone tell me if its a bad idea to put a B string where the high E would go since i dont have a high E string lying around and i need it tonight, the B string is .11 gauge and i usually use .09 for my high E
i guess u could do it if u tuned it to be an E but it wouldnt sound as good
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Dude you already made a thread on this? There was the exact same one yesterday.
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If you have a floyd rose bridge you'll have to readjust it. All the same i have no idea why you would want 2 B strings...
haha i dont want 2 B strings i would tune it to an E cuz i dont have an E string, but it won't do any neck damage or anything? or could it be bad for the nut?
It should work fine and shouldn't damage anything but it is not going to sound as good but I suppose if your desperate.
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