hey i've been playing for a month, 30 mins a day, and i have got no where.

if it isn't too much to ask, can someone put togeather a daily routine full of different things i should do on top of the songs im learning?

yea..yea learn some scales and chords and practice playin em every day..and ur fingers will soon get faster and faster..if u have a metronome...use it for the scales..and thats all i know really..i didnt start doin all this til about 2 months ago and ive been playin for a year and noticed that my fingers got much faster..
Simple the only thing you should be working on is chords. That means getting the basic ones down:

D, G, A, Em, Am, C, E

Then learning to change between them fluently, you could find a song that has some of these chords in and learn to play. Your initial practice should include songs that have a constant down strum or at least only play down strums until you can change chords well then you can start playing down up strums.

I initially started by learning to change between the A and D chord, once I got that down - It took me a month - I then learned to change between A and E and D and E both ways this brought me to a Chord progression that went:

A - 6 down strums
D - 6 Strums
A - 6 Strums
E - 6 Strums

A - 3 down strums
D - 3 Strums
A - 3 Strums
E - 3 Strums
A - 1 Strum

I know this all sounds a little trivial but too many guitarists sit down with thier guitar to solo but if you ever want to play music you need to have a good grasp of rhythm guitar as 95% of what you would do in a band context is rhythm and it's easier to do it know than to go back and work on the basics later.

Once you've got chord changing and strumming down you can at least start playing some songs with open chords. After you've managed to play a few strumming songs, try to play some with bass notes plucked in them aswell; Then get some basic finger picked songs and work on a few fingerstyle techniques (basic finger patterns) - Eric Claptons "Wonderful Tonight" is a good choice here.

This all in all should take you around 5-6 months then you have 3 effective right hand styles and a good rhythm background.

Of course it's up to you, don't do things that will bore you, but this will lay the foundation for you and allow you to introduce more chords into your vocabulary. Only after you've got here would I recommend getting into soloing.
Learn basic chords.

E, D, G, F, A, A minor, E minor, C

Also study up a bit on the major and minor pentatonic scales.

It should get you on the right foot!
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play lots of DDR, ur fingers will turn into elastics, and only a half hour per day isn't enough, play 2 hours a day but take breaks if u wanna get good, learn lots of clapton and zeppelin there riffs are good to develop skills, and learning chord changes r good... first and formost u have to wanna play guitar, sleep with ur guitar like a teady bear, thats what Angus Young did lol