I've been told that the Original was better...and I'm about to purchase a Jackson RR3 and I was wonder if it would be a much nicer guitar if I added a Original FR to it..

BUT, there is this GUITAR EXPERT that works at my local guitar store who knows a lot about guitars and has had a lot of experience with them. He told me that the Original FR was just a rip-off, a way for FR to make more money..

So...I wanna hear what you guys suggest!
If it's an '06 RR3, you're fine. But most (not all) LFRs are just made of shitty metal, and generally don't last long.
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REAL Floyds are made of solid brass and steel. They're strong and durable, and transfer string resonance very well.

Licensed Floyds (with a new exceptions) are made of cheap alloys and plastic. At first, they may work fine, but the knife edges quickly show wear and the trem will never hold perfect tuning again once that happens. And these cheap alloys don't transfer resonance the way steel and brass do. The dude at the store is trying to pull a fast one on you to alleviate you're doubt about the guitar.

Now you could upgrade to a real Floyd on that guitar and it would at least ensure that it stays in tune. It won't make the guitar any better, but it will hold tuning well.
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How much do you think it would cost to buy and install the new FLoyd? I don't know how to do it so...
i hear OFL is better, but i find my '06 rr3 LFR is great and i have no intention on upgrading if it holds up like it has
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I almost guarentee you that a OFR will last ten times as long as a LFR and eventually you will have problems with it i almost guarentee
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