well the past few months I have not seen a lot of improvement, but that it mainly because ive been working on my "form" more then anything else. Im having problems with keeping my pinky in place and not letting it fly off the fret board everytim i push down with another finger.

But anywayz i was wondering...maybe I should be playing left handed. Ive been playing for about 7 months right handed, and its worked out fine I think. But wut if there is a limit to me playing left handed? But at the same time, i think my left hand is much more dexterious, and I guess that would be better.

But im worried now, what if thats not what I should be doing? I guess learning to play with both hands wouldnt be bad. But I dont exactly have a job, esp while im in college, I cant just throw down 200$ for a cheapo left handed electric left handed guitar. I was actually looking at a schecter C-1 that I liked a lot. But I dont wanna lay down 800$ for a kick ass guitar when what I need is a left handed guitar.

AS i said I have not seen any problems with playing right handed. But i am still a beginner. Any suggestions? And dont say do whatever your comfortable with. Cause ive been playing right handed for a good bit now, rand handed definately feels better then left handed. But in the long run who knows?

thanks for readin!
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I wouldn't switch my hands ever, but thats just me.


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but i guess i dont know if its working, 7 months isnt exactly something where I can stand up in front of people and whip out a solo, lol atleast not with me.

but i guess it would still be too early to tell. And I guess playing right handed is the way to go if u can help it.
left handed just means you cant drive a stick shift. jimi played lefty but most greats play right so its whatever works for you
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honestly, its a normal problem.

learn the song niki FM from hawthorne heights.

and try and relax you fingers when you do it.

also, do scales. especially chromatics (1,2,3,4. on each string)
but the main thing is relaxation.
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well i gotta say i'm left handed, but when i first started to play guitar,(5-7) years ago, i decied to play right handed becus itt would be easier, to buy guitars, and also play on other guitars, becus most of the guitars are right handed , now i have no problem plaing right handed It's just about how you learn to play from the start