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Multiple Upper-Lvl (700-1200) guitars.
7 44%
One high-priced custom (1500+) guitar.
8 50%
1 6%
Voters: 16.
Okay I just wanted to get some opinions here on what you think is better?

Is it better to say have

1x Custom guitar, that is a genre based guitar (like say a metal guitar w/ mahogany and emg's etc) but it's a custom anywhere from 1,500-3000+ but it's the best you can get.


to have multiple 1000 dollar guitars that each have their own "genre" (i.e. 1x hollow-body, 1x 7-string, 1x solid body 6-string) etc etc.

I'm just trying to get some opinions.

Basically i've been saving up for my next guitar and have been mind-set on a Schecter Hellraiser C-7 (in sexy black cherry). But the more I look at places like warmoth/carvin etc and see what I can put together for about 2x the price of the schecter i'm wondering if it's worth it to end up having 3x 700-1200 dollar guitars, or just save for 1 great one.
I'd get the custom. Just me, but I'd rather own a guitar that was just me, rather than a bunch of them.
well if you like several music genres you should either get a few guitars|

If one genre really sticks out and you're looking for a "perfect tone" for it, get a custom.

I have a favorite so id get a custom
May cause death if user is an idiot.
*cough carvin cough*
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*cough carvin cough*

no really. www.carvin.com has excellent guitars, and you can pretty much customize them how you want, for well under $1500. and they're cool and fairly unknown.
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Yeah actually I was just looking at those and they are pretty effin sweet, to get what i wanted out of it it was exactly $1,126.50

Considering what was on it to makes that an absolute steal.
I'd get multiple, simply because I like versatility. The only thing custom really offers is the custom stuff that you might like or can't find elsewhere, and better build quality.