I know you guys must get bored with answering 'inexperienced kids stupid questions' but i really would appreciate any help anyone could give me.

I'm looking for a new guitar around £300-400 (quite a bit of money for me). I want a metal/rock guitar and I know a few mates who have ibanez's and i'm seriously considering getting one.

One of them(my mates) has a S470DXQM and that's the one i'm currently leaning towards, this guy has recomended it to me aswell.


Another has a SA32FM and i've actually played this and it's really nice.


The final guitar i'm looking at i have no reference to but it's the SAS36FM.


I'm not looking for any of you to choose for me, but just just *shove* me in the right direction. Thanks
get a schecter hellraiser - its the perfect guitar for ur price range(if my dollar conversion is rite)
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get a schecter hellraiser - its the perfect guitar for ur price range(if my dollar conversion is rite)

i second that
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SA and S are very similar. If you like the body shape, you'll enjoy both guitars. Then it all comes down to whether you like double locking tremolos or not. If Floyd Rose is your thing, then S470, otherwise the SAS (I'd pick 36 over 32 because of HSS pickups - I like that more than HH).

SA is slightly heavier and thicker than S, and I would also definitely give preference to SA's stock pickups - INF pickups in S are rather bland.

Pick one!
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Wow people are suggesting hellraisers?

The s470 is HALF the price of the hellraiser, and the only thing better on the hellraiser is the EMG pickups.

Not to mention the s470 is ahole lot more versatile, has a thinner Wizard 2 neck..... etc. etc.
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hmmm main difference between the s470 and s470dxqw is the maple top i do believe but yeh a s470 is nice though. ts what amp do you use?
At the moment a 15wat marshall(MG) but i'm planning on getting a VOX 30 or 50 soon after i get the guitar(whichever one that maybe).
No, i definetly need a new guitar first. I know everyone says that i should get a new amp first, but trust me.
I'd recomend a Ibanez RG350EX / DX. They are cheap, and are really really lovley to play with! It also has great Metal sound, as all Ibanezes got.
^No, Edge III sux.
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