I'm looking to get my second amp and I was wondering if anyone had this amp or coud tell me if it's good for its price at $139.
I had the 15 watt...wasnt impressed...good cleans but thats about it...distortion isnt terrible but is definatly NOT good by any means.

Like guitargod said, look for a tube amp for your second amp..if you dont have enough money for one, then save up...you already have an amp to play with!!
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whats the difference between the 25R and the series II 25R? besides the price.

ive got a 25R. its fine for cleans. seems more reliable than the 15.
but for any kind of real gain it gets really buzzy, right around volume 4.

i use the front cd inputs, for $125 it amps my drum machine. stuff like that.

for a second amp u should be in the cube 30 or vox 30 range. $225.
maybe a small tube amp, but thats arounf $400.

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Don't get it. I have it as my first amp, and thats what it is, a beginners amp. Get something good.