yea its got a decent metally sound, but if your looking for that warmer distortion tone, i HIGHLY reccomend the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Pedal. I got it a little while back because i wanted a tone similar to frusciante or something along those lines, and i knew i had the totally wrong amp for that =)

but with this pedal it gives a nice boost to line 6s rather digital sound.

in general tho just a great pedal
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man fruciantes a pretty good guitarist, does the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Pedal like match up close with johns sound?
maybe not the best example...but on the newest album, on songs such as turn it again, he does a lot of soloing high on the neck, and i always turn on the pedal, and using the neck pickup, it sounds pretty damn good. ive heard his guitar is like modded weird, reverse phasing or something? so i dunno...he uses a marshall amp i believe, and my stepdad has a marshall 120 watt. played side by side the boss really helps bring the spider II closer to that kind of tone. we kind of agreed that for marshall amps, the Metalzone pedal from boss was the best, because he cant get that metal sound, but i couldnt get a warm distortion, so my pedal was a good choice.
Fender American Strat --> Vox Crybaby --> Keeley Rat --> Marshall AVT 100
Ixnay on the usay of the BD-2ay on the Line 6ay.

Metal Zones can hardly sound good, IMO. I mean, they're the one trick pony of pedals. The other guitarist in the band I'm in runs a Metal Zone through a Spider 212 120w and for what he uses it for, it's ok. Of course, he could do better, but ya know...

I would really try that Blues Driver on the Marshall (if it's tube) while channel 2 of the Marshall is activated for high gain.

I got sick of my Line 6 after about 6 months.