hey friends....here is another song im lookin for some feedback on!....the vox are kind of a "talking" style in the verse and bridge and a bit more melodic in the pre-chorus and chorus....i did this (particularly in the bridge) to get the point across a bit more, which i hope you'll be able to tell from the lyrics....the music itself was really fun to play and i hope you find it suits the mood as much as i did....all comments and crits greatly welcomed and encouraged, ill return the favor!

"This Metamorphosis (Don't Know You Anymore)"
It's really nice. I'm listening to it now and you've got a really fitting voice for this type of music. I think it'd be even better if you spiced up the singing though; maybe add a bit more melody to the vocals. However, other than that, the song has a real good vibe to it. It has feeling, the recording is good and it's damn catchy. Well done.
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Excellent.....the guitar sounded great. Vocals were great as well. Good job!
Great opening, and the quality is amazing. Vocals sound really really good. Love the echo part of the vocals and the doubling over the vocals. The talking part is fine and sounds good with the song. I'm curious how got this nice of a sound. Feel free to share with me. Great stuff keep it up.
wow man this is a nice opening love your acoustic tone, sounds freaking great, the vocals sounds great to man, nice voice, its your own voice too, doesnt sound like everything else, this is really great so far man, the quality sounds freaking professional. The music is so freaking awesome. Everything just flows together so perfect, I havent found anything wrong with it, and this music is definately my style, I can definately see myself singing along to this stuff, great song man. The talking part is great, just so down to earth right in your face I love that ****, great **** man. Wow that was just great man, great song there man, keep it up.
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
really liked this. There's bits of pearl Jam in the vocals which is no bad thing. The playing is so melodic & you put a lot of feeling into the playing and still keep a gentle picking style.

Nice stuff.
quite a few small timing issues. a part where some vocals seem to boom in a little bit to much... but now that i've gotten why this song isn't PERFECT, to the compliments.

wow dude, realy amazing. the warmth of your tone is pretty sweet, the harmonies, the vocal melodies and how they contrast the more talking parts, i love it. check out a song called black devil by everlast. has alot of similarities to my ear (and i frekin' love that song.. )
Great guitar work throughout. Very well recorded too. You do sound a little like the guy from Pearl Jam like that guy said. I don't really like the talking part, mostly because I think the **** in the line "you all ****in changed" is a little unnecessary. It's a good song overall though.
One thing would make this song MUCH MUCH better.

Better mixing.

Lower the volume of ALL the tracks, you want to keep the volume in the entire song below 0db. The entire track is too loud, and it clips. Load the project up again, and dont pump the volumes, if one thing doesnt stand out enough, lower the other volumes, then tweak it a bit, and make sure the volume DOES NOT go above 0db, or you will get that nasty distortion that plagues this whole song, I liked what I could hear through the clipping though.
I like this very much. My speakers havent clipped any yet. (I assume you fixed it) I really like the talking style. It was a lot more melodic than I expected. For talking style, its still really smooth. Some of your harmonies need work. Not because they're off note wise, but like, their rhythms are a little off sometime, if you clean that up, youve got a great thing going. I like it a lot. Superb Job. I like the talking in the bridge, and the the single note riff going on the whole time.
^nope...i havent fixed it....hmm strange indeed....and thanks for the comments, i notice that too in the harmonies now that you mention it, ill definitely keep that in mind
I think that's mad cool. the effect in the chorus where it goes all doubly or whatever seems a little overused. if you did it on like one line for emphasis, it'd sound better I think. that's just me. otherwise very excellent. I thought that the talking part was really cool too. It fit for this song.

if you get around to it:
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nice acoustic toen and sound......soudns really cool.....chlled out feel to it...!!!seems liek there might be some minor timing issues...or maybe my buffering is crap...........u sound like a country singer...hahaha......whcihc is cool......i enjoyed the song....lvoe it when teh harmony kicks in...really nice man...solid song...!!!........Keep rockin............PEAC EOUT