hey...damn its been forever guys...maybe since im asking questions ill hang around here a bit more.

Ok so to the questions, wondering some stuff about building a Ukulele. First...what is a good thickness for the top? (soundboard is it called?...I cant even remember, damn its been too long). also what about the back and side thickness? also if someone has information about soundhole placement and how it affects Tone/Sound could they fill me in? ive forgotten wayyy too much and cant really spend the searching myself like I used to be able to. As well as that, if someone has any input on a bridge for a ukulele feel free to share.

Edit: Is the wood that the kerfing is made out of going to effect the sound of the Ukulele at all...or is stiffer stuff harder to work with but better in the long run or what?
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hello??? this is ultimate-GUITAR. u should try posting this at ultimate-UKULELE.com

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but maybe you should talk to Cord about it. hes a real good acoustic builder maybe he could give you some pointers. just a thought tho.
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A thickness i've seen is 3/32nds for top backs and sides, but i think anything in that ballpark will be ok. The bridge is pretty much the same as a classical just smaller.
Be sure to post your build when you do start. I'm building a uke soon, i have the stewmc plan so if you need and measurements just ask.
thanks but no thanks..im drawing some stuff up myself for plans. looks pretty good but its only in its infancy...i think im getting sick though so if thats the case ill sit around and draw some full sized stuff up today and maybe post it up here. oh **** nvm worked just called and i gotta work the next three days and then sunday so maybe this wont be getting done for a while. actually one measurement would be kinda nice...what does the widest part of the body measure in at? thanks guys
I've got a book on dulcimer stuff. Maybe that will have some info you need.

Want me to dig it out and check for you man?
thanks bro...i dont want to tell too much about the project...once i start working ill bring up some pictures and all the details...good to know about that width though...i was worried the piece i have was too small but it should be just right expect another Russian War Machine in a matter of weeks guys