I saw Gnarls Barkley last night at the Avalon in Los Angeles. They put on a fantastic show. Their theme was greasers, and they came out all dressed in 50's style clothing. Plus they played the "Grease" theme. THey played all their songs off the album minus "Online". And they did an acoustic version of "Transformer". I would recommend any fan of Gnarls Barkley to go see them live.
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Did they have the whole string section, like they do on TV performances, or was it sampled stuff?

No, everything was live. There was Ceelo, Dangermouse, three back up singers, drummer, guitarist, keyboardist, bassist, two violins, viola, and cello. The string section were called "The G-Strings".
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Just wondering, i've heard a song by 'em on some TV show or other and I thought it was pretty good

Would ye recommend buying the album?