hi there
i need help about indie rock guitar style. i likte bloc party, interpol, futureheads, arcade fire... but i want to know this guitar style to make this music. other way when i try something to looking this band's songs i feel it's a copy of this bands.
i really need help. thanks.
ohh sorry i forgot it, what kind of tones and just like this stuff indie rock uses?
thanks again.
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I'd say learn a few tabs from a bunch of different bands in the Genre, figure out what makes it that genre, and use it in your songwriting.
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ok dont learn the songs
understand them
understand how they are put together
but dont limit yourself creativly
dont be afriad for you music to sound too dark or to poppy
i listen to inde bands too
like snow patrol, mewithoutYou, etc.
so if you have a guitar with dual humbuckers
use the neck position
use the lower 50% of the gain
add some mids and bass
and keep you guitar and amp tone around 5
that is what i do
explore your settings and do when you find comfortable
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yeah man i have got a epiphone les paul standart i'll try it now thanks
but i was wondering, has indie rock got a specific chords like jazz or punk or ...?
that is up to the bands that make the music
indie isnt like music that uses high distortion where you are kind of required to use power chords
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If that's the best Chicago has to offer then... well... too bad for Chicago, I guess.
This is just a guess, but use bar chords, atleast I'm pretty sure indie uses them.
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I play a lot of similar stuff like futureheads, bloc party, dead 60s etc. I think in terms of tone you should not have too much overdrive or distortion, high treble and relatively low bass, with the mids i tend to use quite a lot to get a decent futureheads kind of tone. Also, i believe that single coils are better for these kinds of bands. I currently play using humbuckers and it just sounds too thick. Telecasters are the main guitar of choice in these circumstances. These kind of bands don't play complicated music, eg. barre chords, and real simple but effective riffs (like decent days and nights by the futureheads). But these kinds of artists are really intelligent and creative in the way that they collaborate all instruments and make each instrument as important as any other.

If you want their sounds but want to sound different from them there is a whole load of things which can help you achieve this. You could create your own tone by changing pickup used or merely altering the eq settings. You could use similar chords but playng different rythyms to try and gradually change your sound. Remember to just keep it simple and don't try to hard to sound different, once you change a few small aspects like these, your overall style and sound will be individual but based on the original indie sound.

God i went on a bit, hope you can understand this mate! If not just ask!
yer quite a few indie bands tend to use telecasters for that thin sound with very light overdrive/distortion.

quite alot of songs rely on very simple chord progressions, and sometimes just on chord, but with original rhythms that really make a unique sound
most of them arre basic chord progressions with some medium paced riffs played over the top here and there, just remember no to have to much distortion and alternate between clean on verses and a little bit of crunch on choruses