ok guys so i am looking to get me a new electric * i have read the ultimate guitar sticky still need some help* i have about 500$ for guitar+case i was thinking about the Epiphone G-400 is that a good guitar? i am playing right now mainly everything
punk/rock/blues/ anymusic is good for me.... So help me out a lil bit guys
yeah its a good guitar, i own one, and love it to pieces, ive vowed never to get rid of it, even if i get an awesome 498302948 dollar guitar, this one still pwns (i find) its a matter of opinion, go try the bitch out.
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I'd go with the Vintage g-400, from what I've heard the only difference between it and the g-400 is the finish... maybe I'm wrong, but if that's the case, just go with the vintage.
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I just bought one on ebay...its being shipped right now. I heard on here that it was really good for the price, so we'll see..
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