I would like to order a Custom Shop instrument. What is the best way to do this?
A: Please visit our Custom Shop website´s Products section, and click on ´Custom Order Form´. Here, you can ´build´ your dream guitar or bass and email or fax us the specifications. We will email or fax back a list price and ETA (usually about 6 months). Ultimately, you must order through an authorized Schecter dealer; by filling out an order form first, you can walk into your local dealer with most of the information you need. Please note that our Custom Shop instruments are HANDMADE to order. They take a little longer, but they are worth the wait. (Ask anbody who owns one!
I've also wanted to know this lol, I've been looking into a custom shecter and there isn't any links or it's really well hidden
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If you contact them from the "contact" link on their site you can talk to a sales rep through email and find specs.
I found that out a little bit ago.
All i have to say is for a custom guitar, schecters are cheap, mine would only be 3600
email them about it they will send you an order form
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I need a new guitar