Which one of these amps would be better? My brother wants a Vox, and i already have a Roland, so he was wondering what would be better. He plays a lot of Creed and SOAD music right now and has only played a few months.
Vox. Can't do metal as well but can still do it. The overall tone is a lot better and so are the effects. I just returned my Cube for a Vox.
Vox, best practice amp ive ever used. Unless you can get your hands on and OLD Roland Cube 60 (yah know the orange ones?), i got one on ebay and it kicks ass, its loud as hell too.

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It's a tough call. They are both the best amps in their price range. Just have him try them out at a store and see which one he likes- thats alot better than buying blind off of the internet.