This started off as a bit of an average song, I had been struggling to write anything decent. It just adapted over a few days with the "second half" of the song being written tonight. It's 2am here but I couldn't sleep til I finished it. Not really sure of the genre so just give it a listen. It's got a few guitars and another instrument adding variety towards the end. I just wanted to include my other instrument into a song but I think it suits.
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That's quite good. I especially like the rhythm and you managed to end it well. Only thing is that the repeat on 13-16 doesn't sound well and there's some cacophony in 46-48 on the first track. Otherwise your struggles paid off - this is more than decent
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That was good. was that a saxophone that had the melody at the end?

Yea Alto sax, haven't played it much since I started guitar but this gave me another reason to play
I thought it was pretty good, I really digged the melody. I really liked the sax at the end and all together I thought it was nice.
Since I don't have Guitar Pro, I could only listen to the midi. Unfortunately with midis, I don't become as attached to the song since I don't "see" it, but I still really liked this. The intro was nice and simple, but definitely catchy, but the song didn't really hold my interest until about 2:28 when a new guitar comes in. The sax comes in shortly after, and the song sounded a lot better to me. The chords that the guitar plays sounds like the chord version of the beginning riff (sorry if that sounds confusing, hopefully you know what I mean), but I could be wrong (since I can't check the sheet music to see if I'm correct). The song ended very nicely as well. Overall, good song, but maybe shorten the beginning, or just have more sax and acoustic guitar altogether since the song really came together when those instruments were added. Good stuff! And sorry it took so long for me to finally crit this since you had crit my song.
I loved the rhythm. Its a really well put together song and all the different Insterments sound good together...I dont have GP so i had ti listen to the Midi...It reminds me of a song that would be in a Final Fantasy Game or Zelda
Thanks for all the comments guys. Banjo02, yea I don't really like the start of the song, it takes quite a while to build up. I will work on it some more and post an updated version
SOunds good, but a bit too random for my liking. Couldnt you export it as WAV then it would sound better on wm.
Always waiting for that bit of inspiration.
it all sounded nice though you'd probably have to hear singing to get the song completely, my favourite part was the end definately

I see you have guitar pro 5 so you can check out mine https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=404020 if you have the time and say what you like and perhaps more importantly how to make it better
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I will make a WAV file for it when I work on it a bit more, I'm not happy with some of it.
Sorry for the double post but here's an updated version. Think I've improved the first half of the song a lot.
I think this sounds pretty good!

The intro was good but not great in my opinion although I believe that is a matter of taste.
I loved bars 19 - 25 and bars 71 onwards, I thought that just sounded great, especially the Alto Sax solo near the end
I didn't think the guitar solo in bars 44 - 52 seemed to fit very well, one or two notes seemed a little out of place and it felt like the lead guitar seemed more up-tempo than I think it should've been but again, that may just be me.

Overall a very nice song, well done
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i liked towards the end when the acoustic guitar came in. adds more color to the song. good job.
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