HEy ineed help i have a SP10 amp, and im wondering if my guitars gonna sound better if i get a new amp, my cash right nows 100 anyone have suggestions thnx
it depends on how crappy your guitar really is, but a good amp will drastically help your tone..

however with 100 bucks, its impossible to upgrade anything. What type of music do you play? if you are just playing as a hobby in your bedroom, save up some money and invest in a nice small tube combo.

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100 could get a new distrtion or other effect pedal, which would drastically change sound, but thats all 100 really does
save up a little more and look into the vox da5 ($140), vox ad15vt ($180), or a roland microcube ($125)....i have a ad15vt and had a sp10, its way better and it'll improve your tone a lot, plus theirs lots of effects and amp models to play with. i haven't played the da5 or microcube, but they're are supposed to be pretty good small practice amps. i would suggest saving up for the ad15vt.