I have no interest in taking lessons, I just love to pick it up and experiment with different styles and sounds, it's just that I hit a gap and don't know where to go next. I've learned all the chords i need, scales all guitarists need to know, a whole bunch of techniques such as hammer-ons ex... I practice everyday and end up playing the same thing over and over again in different patterns. I dont like playing other peoples songs because it takes the creativity away. I was made a rhythm guitarist every since i started because I could make up metal rhythms from hell so great with the power chords and I can't solo worth s***, but it all leads to me playing the same thing when jamming or at gigs.

Can anybody give me some ideas on where to begin on improving so i am not repetative and boring and ending up losing fans and embarrassing myself.
I really do advise you to take lessons.....

If not practice with a metronome...... 1-2-3-4 all the way down and back up the stirngs, in different variations.... Try some pedaling techniques as well, such as 12-14-12-15-12-17 on the high e or b.......
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i thnk maybe broadening ure horizons on the types of music u listen to may give you inspiration.. i was sorta in ure posistion once then a friend introduced me to shred and it opened a whole new world of stuff to learn... its actually a lil overwhelming...
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