Ok, I have occasion to buy two vintege Ibanez guitars. First one is SG with bigsby and two singles, and the second one is goldtop les paul, both early 70s, made in japan... Tell me - are they worth 400-500$? They are in really ****ty condition - lack of paint, bad tuning stability, bigsby doesn't have spring and an arm... But - is it going to be a chance that they will be worth sh**loads of money in the future?
No. Don't waste your money on anything in shitty condition.
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Ok tell me one more thing - does it really have any collectors value??? I thought that 70s ibanez should cost like 70s Gibson Les Paul (joke :-) but more then 1500$ not 400-500$ - 2006 epiphone LP Standard cost the same!) And - I'm ibanez guy, more colector then player - should I buy this two vintages? I it worth restoring (new tuners, electonic, paint job etc - about 300-400$)