Looking for a new amp. Preferably under $1,000, and tube. I dont really care whether it's a combo or not, jsut as long as the whole amp setup is under 1K. Looking for something for Classic Rock and Hard Rock/Metal. I've been looking at some of the Marshall combos, like the JCM and DSL.

What do you guys think?
B-52 has some nice stuff, just make surt it IS tube as the solid-state amps are not that impressive.

Also, if you're willing to fork over a little more $$$, there's always a nice fender combo you could go for.
I hear the Mesa Boogie F series is pretty good for hard rock styles.
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Screw B-52, they are shat factories from my experience with the at models. A marshall isn't going to be THAT versatile, though it will get the classic/hard rock tones, metal tends to be tougher to get w/o overdrives and tweaking, at least with my dsl. Get a 5150 combo off of ebay. I got mine for only $350 used, and all I needed to do was switch the tubes and replace a pot. They have boatloads of gain, and I can do classic and hard rock with it despite my les paul has the emg 81/85.

Or you can get the epiphone valve junior head, and a marshall cab w/ vintage 30s, replace the tubes, and run an overdrive in front of it. I've recently got the valve junior combo, and I run a malmsteen OD in front of it, and it can do up to 80's thrash/metal ala master of puppets or maiden.
i find the 5150 feels pretty trashy to me, like it doesn't come out as much, feels trapped, and i don't care if it's supposed to be voiced that way or wateva it just doesn't have wat some ppl are looking for. plus they don't have a good clean channel, wats an amp without a good clean channel? is it worth that much? If you like it then that's cool but listen to it first.
Mesa Boogie Mark IV's have been going on ebay for around 900-1000 as of late, very versatile and pretty much a kick ass sound, you could look into one of those.
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I'm gonna say that a small Mesa combo is the way to go. Look into either a used Mark IV or an F-50. Both are great amps.

EDIT: musicofthenite, I was reading your sig, and couldn't help but notice that you have a Vox MicroCube? Seriously, I knew Roland made them, but I didn't know that Vox was stealing the design .
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