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7 9%
Classic Rock
34 45%
2 3%
Heavy Metal
16 21%
11 14%
6 8%
Voters: 76.
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this is a thread where everyone names the sadest songs ever heard!

no spam.

I'll name the first:
wrote a song for everyone - C.C.R
don't ask. I think the tune is sad.
I think the saddest (sadest? saddest?) song I've heard yet has to be Alice in Chains - Nutshell (Acoustic)

EDIT: You have a poll? Thats kind of useless if listing song genres...
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i love the original nutshell i prefer it over the acoustic, i think dream theaters space dye vest is very sad and depressing as witih most dream theater
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Crown of Love by The Arcade Fire has made me cry more than once..
Wade in the water, child.
Well since "Rock" wasn't up there, I'm just going to write in my vote.

Pearl Jam- Last Kiss (I know it's acover, but they did it really well)
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I didn't vote, because imo the saddest is goth.

Terribly when - the last dance
Breath - the last dance
Even angels fall - the cruxshadows
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To pick from the poll, Motown - What becomes of a broken hearted.

Other - Against me! - 8 full hours of sleep
Atmosphere by Joy Division also makes me choke up everytime I hear it..
Wade in the water, child.
Space oddity-David Bowie(poor major )
Hurt-Johnny Cash
Space-dye Vest by dream theater is pretty sad sounding.
Imagine by John Lennon.

Mainly because it'll never happen. Hence the imagining.
Maggot Brain by Funkadelic one of the saddest songs I have heard, not a song just a solo, but that solo is very very very sad, great solo though.
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
Jeff Buckley's version of Halleluljah. And alot of classical music.
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I dont like death metal, I just see it as a bunch of hairy men playing the same riff over and over again exetremely fast.
Boots Of Spanish Leather - Bob Dylan, ...Just a lonely song. Amazing but I find it sad.

....actually alot of Dylan has a sad theme.

EDIT: as well Here Today - Paul McCartney...... almost brings a tear to my eye.
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Well "Tears in Heaven" is a song that everyone likes but no one here will actually admit to it, because they view it as the song that 14 year olds talk who say they like Eric Clapton - know.

I like it, though, and I know much more than that from Eric Clapton. But anyway, Ill definitely agree with the people throwing "Space Dye Vest" into the mix. I think one of the sadder songs Ive heard would be "Are You There?" by Anathema, "Another Permanent Address" by Chroma Key, and there's some others.
Hallelujah- Buckley
some parts of Desolation row-Dylan
some Joy Division
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You can't put your arms around a memory - Johnny Thunders
I only wrote this song to you - Johnny Thunders
Dee - Randy Rhoads
Million Miles Away - Hanoi Rocks
I won't back down (This is more beatiful than sad to me though) - Tom Petty's version
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elanor rigby - the beatles
changes - black sabbath
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Space-dye Vest by dream theater is pretty sad sounding.

Disappear is much more depressing...
Hurt - Johnny Cash
Hate Me - Blue October (everytime I hear this song, I just don't feel like doing anything else)
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Blues... Or a lot of John Lennon. Tears in Heaven, Last Kiss are also very sad. Anything off of 'Dirt' by Alice In Chains is sad. Hurt is also amazing.
Alice In Chains - Would?
Ozzy - Goodbye to Romance
Pantera - Floods
Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan
Opeth - Ghost of Perdition
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Disappear is much more depressing...

really? I'll go check it out.
Agalloch- The Misshapen Steed. It's a beautiful piano instrumental.
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Quote by SunnDoobie
Hurt - Johnny Cash
Hate Me - Blue October (everytime I hear this song, I just don't feel like doing anything else)

"Hurt" isn't by Johnny Cash. It was written by Trent Reznor in 1993.

But, yes, it is a very sad song. I think "Patience" by G'N'R is pretty sad as well, especially after getting out of a relationship.
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modest mouse - dramamine, red hot chili peppers - porcelain, danzig - going down to die or blood and tears, sistinas... many more danzig, van halen - little dreamer, coldplay - talk, yellow, don't panic,
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