i spent the last 6 hours twisting my pick between my fingers just about every way i can trying to get a way to hold the pick so ica n play fast and easily be able to do pick harmonics

the trouble is holding the pick is so godamn sensitive and tiny movement will be compleylt different so im going to need an extremly detailed explanation if sombody could oblige

Heres a question i want answered as well that mught help
Are pick harmonics done with the the thumb facing straight ahead towards the neck or angle slighlty

and i just remembered somthing else but its unrelated to this its about vibrato i just wanted to know if theres any advantage to doing a vibraot by twisting the wrist rather than just using your finger muscles i only recently switched to the wrist method is it supposed to bend in one direction UP then back down or both above and below the pitch

ive seen other players do it by only bending it towards the floor im finding that extremly awkard

Sorry if i did,n explain myself too well
just hold it like u usually do and shorten the space between the tip of the pick and ur fingers so if ur playing a song like no more tears by ozzy osbourne,its that much easier to make the transition from a powerchord to a pinch harmonic quicker and more efficient
well yeah ive heard that like a million times i need more detail if you could answer the question about the angle that would be good, if sombody could pinpoint the exactly wher on the thumb is best for vreating the harmonic ive been able to do it at the side of the thumb exactly where the thumb nail ends and also higher up at tip of the thumb
I became a member just to reply to this.... okay I've been told I do it wrong, and I probably do because I taught myself, but my way works just as well. I push down my thumb onto the pick and roll it a little, just enough to get it about 1/8 inch (Idk what that is metric) from the tip of the pick. Then, my attack on the strings varies slightly. Instead of the pick being about perpendicular to the guitar, I angle the pick very slightly so I can almost dig at the string (push the fat part of the pick up towards your head). I hope this helps... Also, you have to attack the string in the right place, or else you'll get dead sounds. You get different pitches out of different spots... experiment, it took me months to learn it and get it to work everytime

but what I really wanted to answer was your question about vibratos from the wrist... I've found that vibratos from the wrist sound so much better than with your fingers alone. In my opinion, everyone should do it that way... a vibrato should be done by bending the string up from the note, then back to the note, than back up again IN ONE DIRECTION.

I really hope this helps... I know its a little wordy but... try to follow it
when you say twist the wrist for vibrato, do you mean like the way bb king does it? for some reason, i cant seem to make it work. i do it more like violinists do. almost like you were going to do a mini slide with your finger. cant really explain in words. but im pretty sure its the way cellists and violinist do it. it sounds really nice and you can really control how fast the vibrato goes. plus it just sounds really natural sounding like a voice almost and not so out there and strong. i think it sounds a lot more emotional than the other ways to do it. usually ill do the traditional small bending virbrato on the thicker strings, but you dont have to.
thanks chopswithsticks that was helpful id still like more tips on the pick harmonic if any1 can help