a capo is one of those things that holds down all the strings at a certain fret. it allows the player to chage the tuning of the guitar without acutally fooling around retuning everything.
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You put a capo on the second fret to "tune" the guitar up by one step. The capo depresses each string at the second fret to create a tuning up effect, which makes the second fret the open strings. You just shift all the tabs from there. And standard tuning is EADGBE.
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u know what a barre chord is? well it's kinda like that, only not. lol. it's like perminatly barring the 2nd fret and playing all notes relative 2 the capo.
i can't live without my capo.

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Thread starter its Basically a Clamp for you guitar...whats a trigger capo?
I have a Dunlop trigger capo like that, but I just realized it's for a classical guitar. I guess the only difference is that it's wider than a regular capo, but it works fine on my acoustic. The only problem is that my left hand isn't strong enough to move the capo around