Tittle:An Act Of Nostalgia

No matter where I go I cant escape them we were inseparable, and that?s what happened when we where separated, he talks fondly, and the other cant remember ****, everyone moved on but I?m still stuck here, left with these memories of all those times so don?t tell me you don?t five a **** - - - I HATE THIS !!!

I go back to the point
Where we first met
As I sat there I wept
Having flashbacks
So vivid
So clear

I wish I was still there
Were I was ignorant to everything
Ignorant to your problems
Ignorant to life in general

Ill stand up were
All this happened
Toss the rope
And string it tightly
I want you to know
That I call her before

I want you to know
My last words were I love you so much
Why does anything
Have to be wrong
I really like this, especially the last stanza, and it had a nice flow. Good job.

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