i own a schecter gryphon and im wondering is there any way i can install a tremolo on it?? if there is, how much i would have to spend? and what should i do? thanks in advance
You could have a luthier do it, or use a stets bar.
For metal, you'll want to have a luthier do a floyd rose.
Its VERY inconvenient, and its going to be very expensive.
Probobaly 200+.
Your better off just buying a different guitar.
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damn, $200 aint worth it, my guitar is 400 bucks, i should have bought an rg350DX it has trem.
Yeah but the trem on the RG350 sucks.
Get a Kahler, www.kahlerusa.com.
Its like almost as much as your guitar though cuz' its like $350 and you still gotta get the locking nut.
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I asked the same question when I got my Gryphon... anyway, Itll cost a lot, because just the trem costs about $170. Plus labor, and refininishing your paint, itll be around $250 to $300 probably.