What I wanna do is to send my guitar signal thru three different amps, without using any headstocks. What's the best way to get three clean signals from my guitar to send to each of the amps, or how should I connect one amp to the other to get the signal for the next amp before it's amplified ? It's ok to use the direct out line.. or is there a better way? ..And is there any problem in using different amp brands or models? Thanks a lot!
I think I mean parallel.. I want each amp with it's own sound.. so let's say that each amp amplifies a clean signal from the guitar, no a signal that's already been thru amplification..
The only thing I can suggest is get 2 1/4" Y splitters. Run from the guitar into one, run from one end into an amp and then the other end into the other splitter, and then run both of those ends to the other two amps.
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Hmm I see.. thanks .. there's no quality loss splitting the signal that way.. ?
ive never looked into one but a splitter box does best. because i think there is a loss with adapter splitting.
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I have a Morley Tripler that I use for 2 amps and a tuner right now. It has three outputs with LED, and there is a footswitch for each channel that activates or deactivates it. It has a clean boost to compensate if there is a volume drop, but the volume drop is only really noticable using 3 outputs at once. It's pretty transparent, and it doesn't make noise when you use different outputs. Overall, I've been happy with it.
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That's a nice thingie.. but i'll stick with Y splitter or a similar thing.. it'll be hard to get that Morley here.. I'll just have to deal with volume/signal loss then.. thanks !