hey guys, I just got my Peavey Triple XXX Super 40 EFX and I'm loving it, the only problem I'm having is that the Ultra channel (distortion) is kinda tinny, and when I screw around with the EQ it's either too bassy or too much treble, do you guy shave any suggestions on which way to have my knobs (I know there's a word for it but I forget)

Right now the best sound I get is by having Low at around 3/4, mid at 1/4 and high around 3/4

any help would be appreciated, for a comparable sound to what I'm lookin for probably like Megadeth or COB kinda distortion, though I know they use pedals
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Um... try the High maxed out, the low at 12 or 2 oclock, and the mids at 1 or 2 oclock.
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Um ya they use pedals but remeber that alexi from COB uses full mid i can't rember where it is but he says he uses full low full mid and full high.

" Is midrange, then, the key to the heavy metal guitar sound? Is that the tonality that tends to define the sound of this genre?

Well, I guess it?s a matter of taste but for me most of the metal bands and the guitar players sort of have like the smiley EQ ? there?s a bunch of low ends and a bunch of high ends and no midrange. And that?s the kind of sound that could sound really cool when you?re not crankin? it up. But when you crank it up, it really doesn?t speak out through the other f--kin? instruments. Whereas a midrange kind of sound, as soon as you start playing a solo, it speaks out more. "
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yeah I get friggen totally cob tone on mine..

my bet is your treble is low. mine's at 3 oclock

bass at like, 1oclock, mids at like, 8oclock


also, look at your speaker cone setting on the back of the amp. tight is the best for what you want
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