hey guys, I just got my Peavey Triple XXX Super 40 EFX and I'm loving it, the only problem I'm having is that the Ultra channel (distortion) is kinda tinny, and when I screw around with the EQ it's either too bassy or too much treble, do you guy shave any suggestions on which way to have my knobs (I know there's a word for it but I forget)

Right now the best sound I get is by having Low at around 3/4, mid at 1/4 and high around 3/4

any help would be appreciated, for a comparable sound to what I'm lookin for probably like Megadeth or COB kinda distortion, though I know they use pedals
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sorry i have a peavy and it makes me wanna cry.

dont got a xxx so i dont know what to tell ya. i usualy keep mine at

6 distort, 9 high, 2 med, 9 low.

kinda bluesy...

im sure if u read the little manual u got ull find some settings.