Hey, Im new to the forums, but have lurked for a while. Here's some lyrics I wrote, lemme know what you think.

Doubt indeed is the disease
Of this restless age
It is the price we pay
It is the dim night of our day
But as the most beautiful light
Is born of darkness
so is the faith which springs from conflict
and is often the strongest and best
the strongest and best

The believer must be happy
But the one who doubts is wise
Because he listens not
To all the lies
That spew from your crooked mouth
and it makes no difference who'll doubt
because there is no way out
no way out

I will not attack
Your doctrines or creeds
If they accord liberty to me
But if you truthfully think
Confusion is a crime
Then I attack them all
Because you enslave the minds
Of the ones who inhabit this world

Fear falls upon the earth and prays
Courage stands erect and thinks
Don't wrap yourself in lies
doubt everything find your own light

Man, congrats, this is awesome! It's not a compilations of cliches and shows a lot of creativity! Keep up the good work and Rock On!=)
Thanks for all the responses. Keep em coming and if you have any suggestions on how to improve it, I'm all open ears.
is it more of a poem or a song? - im not seeing a chorus or anything
i really like it either way though, very creative