I have a Marshall JCM 2000 and I was thinking about getting a cab and using the JCM as the head. I have seen other bands do it and I was wondering what would be a good cab. I would prefer to go with a Marshall, but whatever gets the heaviest sound will do.

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Look for a used Marshall 1960(4x12) or 1936(2x12)
But for heavier sounds, look at Mesa cabs or cabs like that..
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have a look at avatar cabs, then you can get what speakers you want in them.....or +1 to the marshall 1960 cab.........
are you in the UK/europe, or the states?

which jcm 2000- the tsl or the dsl?

by heavy, do you mean modern metal heavy?
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ENGL XXL's have pretty good bass, better than the Oversized Mesa, which I found kinda muddy/flabby. Genz Benz G-flex's are always good too, or a Vader would kick ass.
The Marshall is a DSL and I live in the states. Im forming a band and my amp is good but I need a bit more punch and volume. Thanks guys.
Maybe Look into Mesa Traditional or marshall 1960AV or Vader are good if your playing metal as well as Genz Benz G-Flex and Engl XXL or Bogner Uberkab if you dont need so much or if you are on a budget Avatar Marshall 1960 AV or 1960A are all good
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If you're in the US, get an Avatar cab. They're just as good as any Mesa cab, half the price, and you get your choice of speakers.
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