"Staring Into The Headlights"

I walked....

To clear my head....

And then i came upon
The place where i fell apart the first time
And there I fell to my knees and began to weep
Thinking to myself, how could this be

And I walked....

To try to forget....

Then all at once the pain hit me
And I fell to my knees
And I cried because i don't know
If it's ever gonna end

And I sat here....

To contemplate....

Next thing i know....

There were headlights not too far away
I thought of moving, but then I
Could find no reason to
All I wanted to do
Was leave this place
And before I knew it
There were headlights in my face

And I seemed to float forever
hoping I'd never fall again
but much to my demise
i hit the ground again

I wasn't dead yet
Though I hoped I would be
The pain now so terrible
And it was surrounding me

Next thing, I saw a face
A man I'd never seen
He asked me if I was okay
But I could barely breathe

I closed my eyes to try to
Get away again
but i was no use
I was stuck here til the end

I lay in a bed for days
The cleanest purest white
I cried so many tears
I almost forgot why I cried

But i became so clear
As i slowly slipped away
I was tired of this pain
And I was ending it today.
Run, Run Farmer. Screaming! Bloody Murder
The daughters of question have been murdered!
Murdered! Murdered!
Wow, at first when i saw the title a funny image of deer in the head lights flashed in my mind. This was beautifully written, and very gloomy. It was awesome though.