So if anyone could show me - in tab - a couple good minor pentatonic arpeggios that'd be great. If you want the gold star of the day, add the fingering (1, 2, 3, or 4) in there too. I'm trying to learn sweep picking, but i don't know any good arpeggios except an A major...and that's no good for metal soloing, really. So please...help! Thanks.
Pentatonics arn't used much at all for sweep picking.. minor, major and diminished scales are... theres patterns for 6 string sweeps, 5 string sweeps, 4 string sweeps and 3 string sweeps... my favorite right now is the minor 5 string...


The fingering i use is: 4 2 1 2 1 4 R2
Thhe picking pattern ofcourse is: D D D D D U
That is the shape for A minor and you can move it acoridingly. You should try cutting off the A and D for a cool 3 string.
The 17th fret is a rght hand finger tap if you wanna include it.

i'd be happy to share more but you'd have to be more specific...
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alright then. i just knew that i mainly solo in minor pentatonic, natural harmonic, and dabble in diminished. so what are good arpeggios for those (mainly the minor ones). Thanks for the help with that A minor. i'm looking at the fingering and that does look pretty fun. thanks.
Yah they are't used much at all. Look up Sweep Picking in Columns, it shoulds you Cannon in D and some arp. to practice.
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Pentatonics arn't used much at all for sweep picking..

Well, speak for yourself. I'm working on some stuff now that involves pentatonic
sweeps. They are HARD, but if you get them down you can just FLY through some
pentatonic licks. The reason they're hard is that basically you play 2 pentatonic
positions at once so there's some BIG stretches in there. I think the technique
originated with Frank Gambale who covers it on one of his videos and "Sheets of
Sound" also has a number of these patterns.

These patterns allow you to basically sweep a linear pent scale. But, you can
also do much easier pent sweeps very easily in 1 position. In fact, there's at least
a few "standard" pent licks that involve sweeps.

Sweeping really has tons of applications. It's not just for arpeggio's at all.