Would the 250$ ibanez rx170d or sumpin like that, with emg 81/85 pickups sound as good or better than the higher end models? I only want want to spend around 5-600 dollars so its either a stock higher end or cheaper with good pickups. I play mostly metal.thanx for any replies
^ i agree
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i got a ibenez s serise and is sounds realy good and it cost like 725.
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Well, first up it's basswood and EMG's aren't so good for that. Although some people do like it. Next, the wood is probably of lesser qaulity than the other models. Last of all, the trems for those are ****. So no, it won't sound as good or better than a higher end Ibanez.

Look into the S series or a mid level RG.
with budget like that, i'd say

RG321MH + EMGs, S470 with EMGs, or SZ series with EMGs (although they may not look good to some).
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