I've been teaching myself guitar for about a year, and I've realized that the biggest reason why I suck is because I tend to rely on my index and middle finger because it's easiest. I would really appreaciate if someone told me how to develop dexterity and accuracy with my ring and pinky finger because I find that they are just clumsy, and slow me down while playing. Help?
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try playing songs with just those fingers. you have to learn to be comfortable with them. once you have mastered the art of using all fingers, you will become a much better/faster player.
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Actually. Try BYOB from SOAD. I know it isn't a hard song, BUT it is in Dropped Db tuning, and the main riff is a powerchord riff that is quick. The point is, you CAN use just index and middle, but if you use dall 4 fingers, it sounds better and is easier. Since they are power chords, you need to hold down 3 strings at once with your weak fingers. You probably won't be able to do it at first, but practice it. At least thats what I did a few months ago and now I use all fingers subconsiously.
actually i like the idea of playing songs you know using only those fingers.

since when were 1 finger power chords easy? my ring/pinky dexterity is still pretty blah, but i have no problem doing power chords in drop tunings with them.
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It has to be natural, just start playing songs with your pinky.

I am highly against people who don't use pinky that often, its there for a reason, use it. People who don't use their pinky aren't utilizing their resources and they just have to move their whole hand back and forth, making it highly inefficient, so use it!
I use this on my bass, but you can use it on guitar just as well.


it should sound like a spider crawling lol. then move the pattern around different frets and strings.