I need a guitar for 500$, i was saving for a gibson SG< but thats too far, and i dont wan to wait long. Whata good one for about 500-600?

OH YEAH, preferably humbuckers because i use heavy distortion and i know singles cant handle that
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i reccomend waiting to get the good stuff. i got my gibson sg special for only 1000, it's worth the wait rather than getting a copy. If you want a cheap sg, get an epiphone
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try out the esp ones the necks are faster and they are made better for heavy distortions
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Does MF still have elitist SG's? If so, that would kick the sh!t out of a Gibson SG Special.
EDIT: nevermind, they haven't had them for a while, not sure what I was thinking. Check out eBay.
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Well, if you're willing to look away from SG's, the Ibanez S470 is a nice guitar, although, you might want to swap the pick-ups. If you want an SG, then maybe a higher end Epiphone SG (G400).
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If you want an SG style for that money I'd take a look at the LTD Vipers.
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yea the LTD vipers arent as thin, they are better looking that a normal boring SG.
and most come with EMG's loaded. so those heavy tones will be even heavier!
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Agile guitars. They're AMAZING and you can pay around $400 for a guitar with a bit better tonewood and some better electronics in it and it will compete with anything! Hands down. They have Les Paul, SG, Strat, Tele, Hollow/Semi-Hollow, PRS, and alot of other styles. I have played a Les Paul Standard next to an Agile AL-3000 and you couldn't tell the difference. www.rondomusic.net Check them out.
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Check out Schecter...you can get them on eBay (used or that guy that sells new ones which have defects, only cosmetic though and usually not bad).....anyway ya eBay you can get a good Schecter for around $500
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yeah , take a look at schecter . and agile.
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Look at the gibson sg specials

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The Al-3500 was taken out of production until futher notice. Too expensive as Kurst said. I personally like Agiles but their SG copies sure are ugly. If you can find some of their original SG's on ebay or somewhere then great. Other then that a used Epiphone SG Elitist would be nice.
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