Kinda off the wall
I think it sounds like a mix of Hatebreed and Strapping Young Lad
Please crit as many aspects as possible

Originality, Creativeness, Song order, etc.
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A little way............. way........... way too repetitive. Good, but not good enough...
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It's like Fenriz and J. Read

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i see you refuse to use drop d tastefully... and also refuse not to play all powerchords. the riffs were okay tho, nuhting super original, and a word of advice if u dont try to be original u wont sound original. dont settle for the first classic metal riff u write, and attempt a little more rhythm?

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sorry to bust everyones bubble but lamb of god arent "hardcore" theyre death metal, and therefore metal.
very average, dosent really sound like hatebreed and sound anything like syl, sorry, keep on tryin tho brother, we were all there and i probably still am!
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^ agrees with Spark1284 on the originality comment, but it wasnt bad, just repetetive, lol, just try to throw yourself in there, as corny as that sounds, lol, i liked it though, crit any of mine if you get a chance, thanks, there all in my sig
Hmm. Kind of repetitive and sounds kind of dragged out if you know what i mean. The endings sounds a bit odd but i guess it sounds better on an actual guitar rather than just the pc.
It was okay but it was a little repetitive and boring really. I didnt like the Chorus, it didnt really sound that great at all. It would be better if you would make your Pre-Chorus ur Chorus and your chorus....like a bridge or something.
I dont like the way is seems all metal is just drop d repeatedly hitting power chords and this didnt reaslly sound any different from any other metal but then again i dont like metal maybe someone who does woukd like it more... check out mine if you have guitar pro
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I dont like the intro. It seems dull; boring.

I like the verse though. Very pounding. I can hear the double bass already.

In the pre-chorus, the last bar, instead of hammering-on from 5 to 6, I think you should pull-off. And also, on the lowest string, you made the 6 a artificial harmonic. I dunno if you meant to do that, but it doesn't sound too good.

On the first staff of the chorus, the last measure where it plays the 5 to the 7; the 7 sounds really out of place. I like the sound of the 2 there, but that's just my opinion. The rest of the chorus sounds good, especially the last few measures.

Breakdown sounds good. I like that pretty well.

Overall this is really good. I really enjoyed it.
There's just a few notes that I've already mentioned that I would change, and other than that, it sounds great. Good job.

Crit mine?
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Spiral Out
it was alright.

try and throw some pinch harmonics here and there to make it less repetitive, and i think a solo would improve this song a lot
It seemed really generic and bland. Kinda like a plain hamburger: It's not disgusting, but you're definitely missing out on the good stuff. I suggest adding another guitar part and reworking the chorus. A solo could do wonders as well.