Hi all, the other day i was lookin gon the interent and a site showed me how to play a chord, but it was different to how i play it. It was an A major chord, but they used thier 4th 3rd and 2nd finger. I use my 1st second and 1st. I understood the concept of the other way so that when you play it in barre from you only change one finger. Does this make it easier, should i take the time to learn it this way???
Seriously... It doesn't really matter... Look at it this way... I was thought to play a D chord[xx0232] with the index finger to bar the E,B and G strings... But instead I use the index, middle and ring finger to play it...So it doesn't really make much of any difference... We all have our own styles of playing guitar...So ROCK ON dude...hahas...
You should learn them all becouse barre chords are for distortion and those normal chords are for clean sound! I mean its not rule but it goes that way the best!
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err...barre chords are not for distortion.....they sound horrible with distortion on.
Powerchords are for distortion.
Amen ^
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The only advantage of playing with your 2nd 3rd and 4th fingers rather than 1st 2nd and 3rd is being able to slide into a barre chord. It really depends on how the chord progression goes in my opinion. Take an open G chord for instance, I play it some 5 different ways depending on how I'm using it and what chords I'm coming from.

As far as barre chords through distortion, anything sounds good as long as you use it properly.
Bar chords only sound good with distortion if u get the settings right and have a good guitar...DISTORTION = POWER CHORDS and DROP D