my friend has this guitar:


and he was wondering if he could get a professional paint job put in with our band logo

he doesnt want to do anthing else but that tho cuz he doesnt want to lose the trim around the guitar...is it possible to have that done and how?
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Hey in brief im looking to build and install a hand lotion dispenser on my guitar, but im not sure how to go about this, has anyone here any experience or knowledged on the subject?
I don't know if it can be done but don't you think it might be a bad idea cos what if your band splits
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Ever considered stickers? its probably less damaging then a paint. With technologies nowadays you probably can get it as realistic as possible similar to a paint without ruining your guitar and like said, if your band splits, so can ur sticker(s).
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You can buy waterslide decal paper for inkjet printers- basically you print out whatever graphic or text you want on it, then apply it to the body like those decals on AirFix kits. Then just give it a couple of layers of clear coat and it'll be solid. You can always remove it later on by lightly sanding it with wet-or-dry paper
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