Its a rough recording, a template of what shall be, I may add a guitar solo later.
Its a kinda creepy track, I dont know what genre it would be in. kinda Alternative Metal Grunge. CRIT 4 CRIT when possible.

Thats not bad, alternatively to "grunge" it sounds like a rhythym track from some harder classic 70s song.... If the quality was better, and you improved your sloppiness, id listen to it on the radio
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Thanks! I can play tighter but I didnt originally intend for this to be put online. It was ment to be a rough version to show my bassist to see how he felt about the song. I will record a better version of it soon, with a decent mic hopefully.
I like the tune.
The quality is pretty ****ty, but hey.
Would be pretty sweet with some drums and bass, and maybe another guitar.

My biggest complaint besides the quality, it that the change between clean and distorted seems way to abrupt.

Maybe we can do a little collab thing, I could write a drum part, piece it together with some pro drum samples. Try to get a realistic sounding synth bass. Throw in some electronic ambient stuff. Might be interesting. Get a new mic!

The song is too simple as is.
madd0g check your PMs.

What did you all think of the wierd backward messages and stuff?
Thanks for the crit on my other song, but yea, you got the wrong one =P. After a few days i found a title for it, but i guess you skimmed over that in my first post. Oh well, no worries bud.

Anyway, I love the intro, the riff is great. I love when the clean guitar comes in too, it sounds really nice, but like maddog said the switch could flow better. And then it all repeats again, but i still like it..i'm assuming that you're gonna add words there and such? That would be great, as would drums and bass. Might i ask what you're saying at the end and in the middle when it's all backwards? I don't feel like reversing it all =P
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lol, it just aload of random ****, like
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