I have a Tanglewood Hollowbody (Gibson Es 335 style), and I want to change the pickups in it to make it more suited to the style I play.

I have a guitar with a Seymour Duncan Invader pickup in it which I just love for my punk sound, gives me a real audible yet distorted sound.

However, I also have read alot about the dirty fingers pickup gibson rerelased quite a while ago. It looks very good, and I have listned to Tom Delonges latest stuff on the last Blink album, where he uses a dirty fingers, and I really want something near that sound.

I was wondering, would it be feasible to put these two pickups in together? I was thinking Dirty FIngers at bridge and Duncan at neck?

Also, is it possible to have it so like, just one pickup is working at a time, so I can switch between pickups? Sorry if this all sounds too noobyish, I've played guitar for about 3 years but I'm not really into customizing my guitar, until now.

Cheers for any help,
Slowhand is the Best
The bridge position will sound different from the neck position on any guitar, so certain pickups are more suited to either end. You'll be able to use both at either end, but the one in the neck position won't sound how you want it to. You're best off finding the one that suits you. Try it and see