nice intro arpeggio lick there
quite jazzy sounding
nice bends there, on pitch
mostly clean playing even on your fast speed picking runs
good sense of melody there,
nice fluent key change
sweep picking could be cleaner but im no good at sweeping either, been practicing it more recently...
im liking the drum groove quite a lot here too
very fast there but still in control, another key change
more good melodys
i liked the whammy scoop you just did
could have had more of a definate ending imo instead of just fading out and perhaps more sections to create contrast
overall very nice
a lot faster than i am
and a good sense of melody which is what i like to hear
care to crit my piece called "the dream"?
theres a link to the thread in my sig
you could give the others a listen too if you'd like but the quality isnt very good, im expecting my new zoom g9.2tt sometime this week so should be able to up my sound quality.
keep shredding