ok basically i have 2 problems...

1. iono what is used in this song http://www.geocities.jp/minorcodes/haruhi/6b-3615.mp3

2. here are the tabs

when i do 16 to 0 alternate pick... the 0 sounds loud... i wonder what technique they use to make the 0 sound so soft? their 16 14 12 as u can hear is loud but their 0 is soft... i have no idea how they do it since when u press a fret the string goes down and when its open the string is higher with more contact with pick = more sound...

please advice...

if AIM is guardiangelboy if any of u have AIM

thx for your time
at that speed =.= alt picking + pick and choose when to pick harder =.=''
alil hard O.O is it even possible