Im saving up for a new schecter guitar and im thinking about the:
Hellraiser C1FR or the regular C1FR

I play punk/rock/metal, and id like to have a whammy bar..what do you all think ishouldget, price not being an issue, and if you have one could you tel me what you think about it?
I use a peavey valveking 212
and boss mt-2 and a lot of other boss/mxr pedals
and whats a m-II????
Im assuming a guitar. lol
id go for the hellraiser ofcourse its more expensive but the new c1 fr has a bolt on neck, dd pups that are active but nothing compared to emgs, and a liscenced FR, the hellraiser has set neck, OFR and emgs which kickass, however the C1 FR is a good buy, its pretty inexpensive, but if money isnt an issue go for the hellraiser, i played it on a krankenstein and thought i was in heaven
ESP LTD EC-1000 Deluxe
awesome thanks
thats what i figured
but i have a nother issue
i know nothign about ibanezes except theyre awesome for shredding
id like my guitars whammy bar to be able to tighten the strings as well as loosen them
i know ibanez is like rg91239817 stuff like that
I sing in my band and play guitar so it would have to be a awesome guitar for shredding and for being a rhythm guitar also.
Any suggestions on ibanezes that have a ?dual? whammy bar system that are 800$or under?
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ill be honest with you i have an ibanez 350dx and it blows ass which kinda turned me off to ibanezs, i just think theyre gay, i understand that there are way better ibanezs its just that i dont like them anymore, but id check out some esps if i were you the ec400 s have good lead and rythm
ESP LTD EC-1000 Deluxe
Ibanez sounds nice and chunky for rythm. You could also look into an EC-1000 by ESP. It's an LTD model similar to the Eclipse and I have played one and they are great for leads and rythm.
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RG1570 > C1FR > C1FRHR

And that's under the assumption that it's a previous generation C1FR with the original Floyd Rose. If not, RG1570 wins three times and then some.

C1 FR with an OFR might be your thing, but RG1570 is still better made, has an additional singlecoil, and I'm pretty sure you'll find it more comfortable. Oh, and it has an Edge Pro tremolo - as good as they come.

Hellraiser is just an expensive condemnation to unversatility, in my opinion. Someone who plays exclusively metal might think otherwise, but even they'll grow out of it at some point.
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eh...the Hellraiser or the M-ll, the neck thru one if you can swing it
Go get your shovel.