Rite i had no idea where to put this so i put it here!

I am told that while I'm playing my bass onstage i look very... immobile.

What can i do to "liven up my act" if ya know what i mean


Ps we play PUNK!
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Move to the beat, switch places with other members, walk about, jump up and down, just do something for the audience to look at.
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Watch tons of videos of well known bassist and watch them. I suggest Flea, nikki Sixx, Cliff Burton, and Sid Vicious. Watching how other people move on stage is a great way to get started.
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Sid Vicious? Yeah if you want to look like a ****ty bass playing zombie...
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really all you have to do (i think at least) is move around and look like you're enjoying yourself, whether your headbanging, jumping around, bouncing like a ska kid or just walking around smiling...... if you are really enjoying what you're doing lett it come out through your actions on stage
Get a wireless kit.
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Smile and enjoy it, look moody and walk around slowly depending on the song. Don't jump about on a sad song - just do what you'd expect to see a bassist from band X do with whatever type of song they're playing.