I've been playing for about a year now, and have managed to learn a variety of easier songs that I can pretty well get thru. But I'm still having a big problem trying to sing along while I play. Anyone have any tips on how I can sing without my struming hand going dead on me ?
just practice the song till you can play it with your eyes closed... then practice the singing... then slowly combine them until presto you finished
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Just practice. One day it will just click and you'll be able to sing to a lot of songs without even trying. Try these:
Howie Day- Collide
Lifehouse- You and Me
Dashboard- Vindicated
Hootie- Hold my Hand
Yes I agree with latinosuperstud and Kollarism you need to practice a lot but one day it just sort of Happens then you can sing most songs...Try songs that are really Chordy...Johnny Cash is what i used but you might not like that style of music.
start slow.

and also another thing: when you're listening songs, you might notice that you're concentrating on either the whole of the song or the vocals, guitar, drums etc. anyways, try to listen to two instruments at the same time (like guitar and vocals). try to keep up with it, it might make you crazy at first.

i suggest you give zakk wylde's acoustic solo album a listen, it's good stuff for practice. also i suggest you listen to BLS's acoustic album and the song 'spoke in the wheel'. the last one's pretty tough, so i don't suggest you try that first.

start slow and keep a very steady rythm at first, you know like: 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4.
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