I just bought the Maxon Overdrive 9 pedal, and it sucks. It actually makes my 'clean amp sound' sound better than when it overdrives (or whatever the hell it does). Is there a reason for this? If not, I'm just going to return it.

What other pedals do you recommend? i was told this was a good distortion pedal, and that was a lie. I'm into metallica, children of bodom, etc.
what amp do you have, and how are you using the OD9? Are you trying to add OD to a clean channel, trying to add OD to a gain channel that's lacking, or just trying to tighten your high gain sound?
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it has to be used with your amp's distortion to tighten the sound up. It works really well.. but if your amp sucks.. then it's still gonna suck
Actually I uses a overdrive-ish pedel (Arion Tubulator ) through the clean channel on my crappy Crate and it sounds pretty good. Not enough gain for metal but dimed it's definatly enought for classic rock.
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OK the OD-9 is not a Distortion pedal it is a Overdrive pedal if you have a SS amp then it is of course gonna sound like crap because there are no tubes to overdrive. You need a tube amp to use a OD pedal you need a distortion pedal. OK the Maxon OD-9 IMO is one of the Best OD pedals On the market. What kind of amp do you have then we can help you
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I was told maxon by a number of different people because it was supposed to be the best. I even told my amp: Peavey rage 158.

But there's a first time for everything. i guess I realize now that overdrive pedals "overdrive" the sound. I didn't really know what the term overdrive meant as far as guitar terms.

However, it does give a clear sound when I get a good clean setting. As far as an overall sound, I've tried everything as far as combinations go with my amp.

Bottom line: I want to have a good overall sound. My guitar is also a peavey, and I"m not sure if that's good or bad. I play as a hobbyist, but can't stand how it doesn't sound at all like the bands I listen to.

Without spending a ton of money, what do you recommend I do?
I have an OD-9 and like the way it sounds but then again I know how to use my gear.
Look at the Maxon SD-9 Distortion pedal if you just want straight front-end gain
Rage 158 = SS pretty much. Thus an overdrive likely won't sound good on it at all. Trans-Tube apparently.
What about the boss gt series? How well do the gt5 gt6 and gt8 compare?

If I'm going to get something like that, I'd like to spend under $130 if possible.
ya a Maxon SD-9 seems just what your looking for
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Quote by Phuknee
Rage 158 = SS pretty much. Thus an overdrive likely won't sound good on it at all. Trans-Tube apparently.

It is completely solid state.
Trans-Tube is just a marketing term for emulating tubes, its all SS.
Why don't you just buy a Digitech DF-7.. run your amp on clean and then you've got 7 different types of distortions?

Plus they're about £75 ($100).. so it's probably cheaper than the maxon anyway!