oh yeah! i need to share my happiness with you guys! the occasion? i've been playing guitar for a year. craziest thing i've ever done. crazy because i wanted it really badly, i didn't know anything about music and it was my greatest, craziest dream to be in a guitarist in a band. yes! let's celebrate one year of craziness! i've learned basic chords, power chords, some songs and a few scales... now what should i do next?
well try other styles and see what style you like best and stuff
tilet lickin' gd
i thought this thread was gonna be about an actual one year old baby playing guitar


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Ive got video of my 1 1/2 year old daughter strumming along and working the pedal board. Ill have to post it!
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Quote by smell_my_cheese
i thought this thread was gonna be about an actual one year old baby playing guitar

Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. Kind of like that picture of that cat holding the mini guitar on the couch with the mini amp and the cat's making this hilarious rock star face... hold on, let me see if I can find it...
Right here:

Ahem, that was off-topic, but that's what first popped into my head.
And to the threadstarter... er... congrats?
I think for your next wonderful year of playing, you should focus on some more advanced guitar techniques. Some soloing stuff would probably do you some good. Try sweep picking, tapping, pinch harmonics, to name a few. I think there are lessons on this very site for all 3 of those.
And learning more theory is always great. Look into some chord progressions, building chord shapes, and even some harmonizing (I'm not sure, but I think there are 3 really awesome harmonizing columns on this site written by some really awesome author... )
Anyway, that's what I'd suggest doing next.
Other than that, good luck, and cheers to another year of rocking out!
why thanks! the picture is cute!

playing guitar for 1 year, i thought someone would say i try the bass or something for another year. but i guess there are a lot more to learn on the guitar.
Don't triple post. Use the "Edit" button on your last post.
And did you even look at my advice? Some good stuff in there for ya.
Congrats just keep going learn new songs, scales etc you still got a hell of a lot to learn if you only been playing for a year!! Keep playing and getting better as long as you enjoy it
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Quote by smell_my_cheese
i thought this thread was gonna be about an actual one year old baby playing guitar

so do you want a cookie....a medal... what?
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