as soon as thay take dem bullets outta me, i'm good
caught a few slugs just walkin' through the wrong hood
wrong color clothes and thays acting like color folks
like i'm acting like i'm color blind and thays telling a bunch of lies
why people want me to die? they try so hard to kill me
yeah i got more than one bullet in me
and dem bullets are outta me, you know why? they couldn't drop me
you need more guns just to stop me.
the newspaper wanna interview me, they wanna know if i got shot in the leg
when they had the gun over my face they i beg? (hey)
no more questions for the young man in the hosptial bed, he almost bleed to death
shot seven times in his left ear, now his def. wait a minute, how's he even standing or living? where he got shot should've killed him, ain't no way god could've saved him.
medical books even say he should be dead, cause he got shot seven times in his head.
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