Ok, I play too many genres, I wish I had better equitment, could record drums and vocals and all but check out what I got...

Check out The Night Remembered....

If you're into shredding and all check out My Eruption...
All the stuff on La Muse Est Mon Amour is spacy kinda stuff but still good... kind Explosions in the Sky/Sigur Ros in a way.....

I have only three covers.... well five I guess..... two opeth, Cannonball by Damien Rice but I turned that into a solo section so yeah... and Donkey Kong and Tetris!

Listen to it all, Comment, reply on here, everyone needs to

The sweet aint as sweet without the bitter
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Sorry dude...

You are only allowed to post 2 RECORDINGS/TABS PER WEEK in each forum. This applies to each forum on an individual basis i.e. you can post 2 original recordings, 2 covers and 2 tabs a week if you so wish, but no more than that in each forum. It gives everyone a fair hearing!
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