Poll: Who hear would have one of Blink 182's songs in their top 5 songs to play?
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View poll results: Who hear would have one of Blink 182's songs in their top 5 songs to play?
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There are loads of different bands out there with cool basslines but which is the best.

I'll out down my top 5 and then all other bassists put down the bands and there song you most like to play on the bass.

1. Muse - Hysteria
2. Guns n' Roses-Sweet child of mine
3. Kaiser Chiefs - VBorn to be a dancer
4. Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.
5. Blink 182 - I miss you

What about you. Come on, i wanna know!!!

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blink 182 seriously?
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Being a difficult bass line doesnt corrispond to being a decent bass line (although this is usually the case) I dont see why blink 182 couldnt be in there if its one of the bass lines he particually likes to play and means something to him.

Personally ive been a fan of various chilli pepper bass lines because i like the challenge and when I'm showing off everyone recognises the tune.

I alos like the usual cliches like "the chain" by fleetwood mack, "maxwell murder" by rancid and actually some jackson 5 bass riffs....

Yes im a show off..... for shame!!!
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